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Did you know that the leading cause of death for children 6 and under in the state of Florida, is due to drowning? Did you know that most of the drownings can actually happen when there are adults around? Most of do not think about pool safety and how important it is for our families.

Most swimming pool owners think they will teach their child to swim and they will not have to worry about anyone drowning or there being a serious accident involving their swimming pool. While this is a great first step, we recommend that you build in layers of protection to make your pool safe for kids.  It is crucial that parents, grandparents and family members take measures to childproof their pool just as they would childproof the rest of their home. Also, try to keep the perspective of not only your child or grandchild visiting but a neighbor’s child or a child of a friend.

All it takes is mere seconds for a child to slip and fall into a pool that is not properly secured.  Turning your back to grab them a snack or running to the bathroom is all it takes for a little one to have an accident.  Let us help you prevent these tragedies by securing your pool with the proper fences or gates.
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