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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pool fence pole made of?
They are made from 6063 marine grade-aluminum with quad core reinforcement from top to bottom, each pole is 36 inches apart on each manufactured 15-foot section.
What kind of deck sleeves do we use?

A marine grade plastic sleeve that will not corrode. Deck sleeves available in sand, gray and white.

How deep must you drill the holes for the pool fence poles?

We drill 4 inches in depth for our deck sleeves to be placed in.

Will my deck crack when you are drilling?

There is always a possibility of cracking when drilling, however, we use a high rpm diamond water core drill when drilling for the pool fence poles which reduced the probability of cracking significantly compared to a hammer drill.

What kind of latches do you use?

We use a child resistance 316 stainless steel marine grade latches that will not corrode or pit over time.

Do you recommend a gate when purchasing a pool safety fence?
We recommend at least one self-closing, self-latching and key lockable gates. Many of our clients prefer two depending on how they use their pool and spa.
Do you offer different colors of pool safety fence systems?
We have black, brown and sand as our standard colors. Limited custom combinations are available upon request
Does the pool safety fence system come in just four feet tall
We have 5’ tall as well. In the event the fence is for pets, we can also custom make the fence shorter.
Do you have caps or plugs that we can fill the holes when we take the pool safety fence system down?
We do offer pool deck caps that match the sleeves to close the holes where the pool safety fence poles normally go.
How long does it take to do the initial installation of the pool safety fence system?
It depends on how many linear feet are being installed as well as if the fence is being installed into concrete or in grass.
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