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About Pool Guard Services of SWFL Inc

Hello, I am Fred Wilson and have been in the swimming pool industry for over 20 years. When I started my pool business, I just started my business with the sole purpose of working with swimming pool maintenance. A near tragedy of one of my children immediately changed my business model.

My wife and 2 little boys were at a friend’s house having a swim day. My oldest son could swim very well, so well in fact, he won many awards for swimming in various events. My wife went inside our friend’s home for a second then heard my youngest scream. She immediately panicked and ran to the pool and she saw our oldest son was floating in the pool. Thankfully she was able to rescue him in time without any consequences. He had been running around the pool and slipped and hit his head and fell into the pool.

All the swimming lessons and swimming tournaments were of no benefit in this situation. This is when I decided to look into adding pool safety products into my swimming pool business. While a pool safety fence system is no substitute for adult supervision, it certainly prevents tragedies which is why Florida Building Code requires these products as they act as a barrier to keep children out of the pool.

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